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Item Price:

Domestic delivery Fee:


International delivery fee:

Your Grand Total


A= Item Price
B= Domestic Delivery Fee (No charge if the seller list Free Delivery)
C= International Delivery Fee to your home
D= Agent Fee = D = (A+B+C)?8%

* Minimum Agent Fee is 1500yen.

Total = A+B+C+D
* Total for PayPal Payment (A+B+C+D)*5%

Example 1
Item Price 5000yen
Domestic Delivery Fee 500yen
Agent Fee 1500yen
Total 7000yen
For PayPal Payment 7000 + (7000 * 5%) = 7350yen
International Shipping fee will be charged once we receive the item in our office.

Example 2
Item Price 40000yen
Domestic Delivery Fee 500yen
Agent Fee 40500yen * 8% = 3240yen
Total 43740yen
For PayPal Payment 43740 + (43740 * 5%) = 45920yen
International Shipping fee will be charged once we receive the item in our office.

Please Note

Domestic Delivery Fee:

We only charge the sellers actual delivery fee. No other hidden charges will be Added. There is no charge if the item is marked as free delivery.

Banking Fee:

The banking fee is a flat rate of 300 Yen. You will ONLY be charged this amount, regardless of the amount of items ordered

PayPal Fee:

If you would like to make a payment by PayPal, a 5% handling fee will be charged to your PayPal account.

There are no additional or hidden fees from us. However, if there are any other fees from the shops, you will be informed by us. Often some shops charge 5% sales tax.


Please note that all other costs that may accrue before and after the shipment is made are to be bourn by you.

Customs and import duties in your country, all local sales taxes etc. Our fees are for simply redirecting auctions items to you. For your extra handling services such as extra protection, re-packing or double packing, etc. please request a quotation before we place a bid.